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Moving into a new home can be exhausting. Do not let the previous owners mistake of not cleaning or sealing your grout ruin your new home feeling. Grout Rhino can make your tiles and grout look like new with our professional home grout cleaning Tampa!

If you buy a new construction home they are usually sold without furniture. The floors are brand new and are prone to stains and damage. Grout is extremely porous and moving in your furniture without protecting the grout will cloud its fresh look. Protect your new floors by colorsealing newly laid grout in new construction homes. Not only will colorsealing a new construction home prevent stains from ever happening but it is cheaper because their is no moving furniture. Start off on the right foot with your new home and colorseal your floors before you move in.

Home Grout Cleaning Tampa

When you are selling your home it is important to make sure that everything is clean and appeals to the potential buyers. One of the major steps to selling your home is to have shinning floors and clean grout. Not only do the floor need to shine but the grout needs to shine as well. Dirty tile and grout could be a liability when selling your beautiful home. Having dirty floors and grout could be the difference of thousands when you sell. Don’t let the distraction of dirty grout and tile diminish the value of your home. Get the most our of your old or new home with the help of Grout Rhino‘s home grout cleaning Tampa.

Before and After Photos

Here are before and after photos of a home grout cleaning Tampa job we did. The image shows the clients shower floor. It is hard to miss dirty grout in smaller bathrooms while showing a home. The second image is a before and after photo of their hallway in their home. This inexpensive revitalizing of the grout lines made it easier for the seller to show and sell their home! It turned their dirty grout into something new and clean to show their potential buyers.



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