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New Year’s Resolution House Cleaning – Tile Floors

New Year's Resolution | Tile Cleaning | Grout Cleaning | Grout Rhino

It’s 2017 – a brand new year – and there’s no time like the present to take a look around your home and to resolve to clean up and de-clutter. The holidays are over, winter is in full swing (ok, ok… it’s not that bad here in FL), and there’s plenty you can do to get on a better track long before the time comes for spring cleaning.

New Year’s Resolution: Cleaning Vs Enjoying

Cleaning is needed. Specially kitchen and bathroom tile floors. With the huge amount of pins on Pinterest and blog sites sharing about tile and grout floor cleaning DIY’s is easy to get excited and start buying all the different products and trying all the different miraculous formulas people share online. But, a very important note is: Mixing certain cleaning products can be dangerous to you and your loved ones. And secondly, there’s no magic solution, products clean but the manpower is the most important part of the work. What that means for you? It means that you can dedicate the requested amount of time to clean your tile floor and grout lines, however, the right question is: What could you be doing with that time instead?

Enjoying! That’s what you could (and should) be doing instead. House cleaning is one of the top New Year’s Resolution of a lot of people. However, lately, a different resolution has been getting to the top 10 resolution as well: Enjoying more time with family and friends.

New Year's Resolution | Tile Cleaning  | Grout Cleaning | Grout Rhino

Grout Rhino can help your New Year’s Resolution

So, just as an alternative, what about getting a free (no-hassle, no yearly contract) estimate from Grout Rhino? We can also provide a free in-home demo of how our color grout sealing can change the whole look of your floors without the high price of remodeling. Call us today and let’s get this New Year’s Resolution out of your list saving you more time to spend where really matters: Your Family 🙂

Affordable Grout Sealing Tampa

Special Offer for Color Grout Sealing Tampa Bay area

Grout Rhino is here to help relieve some stress before the holiday season is in full swing with an Affordable New Construction Color Grout Sealer Special Offer for $0.80/ square feet. If you are a new homeowner, real estate agent or builder looking to beautify your new construction home, call us today to take advantage of this Color Grout Sealer Deal!

Affordable Grout Sealing by Grout Rhino


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Tampa Grout Cleaning Special

Special Offer for Grout Cleaning in the Greater Tampa Bay area

Summertime is coming and the trees are sweetly blooming. Snowbirds are coming to visit and the kids will be out of school. It’s nice to be able to enjoy the summer! If you are like me, you didn’t have enough time to work on your spring cleaning… and summer is here! Don’t worry: Grout Rhino is here to rescue you with a Grout Cleaning Special Offer for Tampa Bay homeowners*.

Tampa Grout Cleaning Special Prices Starting at $0.30/ sq.ft.

* Don’t worry, we offer Grout Cleaning Special Prices for all Hernando County, Hillsborough Country, Pasco County and Pinellas County. Call us for your FREE quote if you need grout cleaning or tile cleaning in parts of Polk, Citrus and Manatee County.

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