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Seal your Grout Lines with ColorSeal in Tampa Bay

Seal your Grout Lines with ColorSeal process. Our ColorSeal allows you to match or change the color of your grout, without removing out your existing grout!

Grout Rhino ColorSeal Video

Grout Rhino ColorSeal

Our colored sealer is made from the highest quality ingredients, so it allows you to keep the look and feel of your existing sanded or unsanded, grout! Grout Rhino is perfect for giving your home a fresh new look by changing the color of your grout on your bathroom or kitchen floors or walls. Our sealer is perfect for counters and backsplashes and anywhere that you have grout; it can even be used outside or around pools!

Color Grout Seal Options

ColorSeal is Grout Rhino’s most impressive process. Whether you call it “dye my grout”, “paint my grout”, “stain my grout”, or “re-color my grout”, this process is designed to make your grout look like new. You will feel great about the overall appearance of your tiled surfaces for years to come.

We offer ColorSeal in 13 different colors to compliment your existing tile color or change the grout color to something you’ll really like!

Grout Rhino - Grout Color Chart Options

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How to Choose the Right Grout Color for Tile

How to Choose the Right Grout Color for Tile | Paver House

Grout Color is often an overlooked design element when tiling floors, walls or backsplashes. There are three general approaches when it comes to selecting grout: match the tile, contrast with the tile, or go neutral. Let the selection of your grout be as important as tile selection and you’ll be able to achieve the perfect design.

Selecting The Right Grout Color for Tile

How to Choose the Right Grout Color for Tile | Paver House

Matching The Grout Color

If you’re looking for a less pronounced grout line, select a grout color that “matches” your tile selection. Selecting a grout color that is one shade either lighter or darker helps tie everything together.

Contrasting the Grout Color

If you’re looking to make the tile stand out, select a contrasting grout color to your tile. This frames each tile and draws attention to them. You will also want to look at using a thicker grout in this instance to really highlight your tile selection. This is a good choice for more decorative tile patterns like backsplash and shower tiles.

Choosing Neutral Grout Color

How to Choose the Right Grout Color for Tile | Paver House

If you’re looking for what some feel is the safest choice, select a “neutral” grout color from the tans, beiges, or grays. If you want something that will have mass appeal, a neutral matching color is the most widely recommended approach.

Other Grout Considerations

The selection of your grout color is important to achieve your desired look; however, you still need to consider the type of grout being used. Grout functions to bond tiles and stone edges together and prevent chipping so it is important you or your tile contractor understand the types of grout available. You should also consider traffic patterns in the room where your tile and grout will be used when selecting a color.

Grout Color Sealer at Grout Rhino

If your original grout color decision was not as great as you imagined. Or, if you purchased a home with outdated grout color, Grout Rhino can help you. We offer FREE in-home estimate and demonstration of our Grout color sealer.